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Molino Verga
Garden at Grand Visconti Palace in Milan
Lobby detail at Grand Visconti Palace in Milan
Room detail at Grand Visconti Palace in Milan


Learn more about Grand Visconti Palace history

The Grand Visconti Palace is located on a site that in 1920 housed the Verga mill, which would become the home of a noted cookie factory. The idea to create something unique that only a space this vast could permit began to develop in 1999.

In September 2001, works began on a profound restructuring with an effort to maintain the design of the original building dating back to the beginning of 1900s. Only in this way would it be possible to communicate the innate charm of an “artifact” of industrial archeology and bring it to life again in something truly evocative.

Part of the building was renovated, while another one was torn down and rebuilt maintaining the original design of the early 20th –century building. The rest is recent history, as of several months ago when the revolving door of the Grand Visconti Palace began to turn and to welcome guests who have decided to experience these emotions.

The name of the Hotel is the one of the important family Visconti, the head of the most powerful state in thirteenth and fourteenth-century Italy. We have chosen to name our meeting rooms after the historic Milan’s gates datig back to a time when they were both a defense against the enemy and the place to welcome allies and friendly people. Once again, tradition wedded to innovation.

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